Usman bin Latif, the enigmatic Brand Relations Savant, DJ and Visual Creative Director, has one consistent drive to create engaging artistic content through brand partnerships and the spirit of collaboration.

Known amongst his peers and insiders as the "vibe curator", the Brand Relations Manager for the world renowned Gekko Group continues to evolve encompassing a complete lifestyle from fashion based campaigns, influencer and experiential marketing to carefully executed events, with a focus on infusing luxury and high end products.

Reference/Clients: Alpha Industries, Beats by Dre, Bacardi, Bowers & Wilkins, Buffalo London, Bumbu Rum, Converse, Diageo, Drykorn, Gekko Group, Louis Vuitton, Luc Belaire, LVMH, Mammut, Monster Products, Mooseknuckles, PepsiCo, Soho House Berlin, Zenzakan and many more.